Mobile Repair & Maintenance

Why Mobile Repair?

Convenience is the main reason for mobile repair...after that comes saving time and cost. If you have ever experienced taking your RV or Boat to one of the BIG dealerships, waiting weeks for service, you will appreciate MOBILE RV & Marine Repair and Maintenance. Coming to YOU in the privacy of your home or RV Park means you get my full attention. You get full diagnostic work geared just to what you need and not a list of problems a mechanic comes up with because they have your RV or Boat "captive" and can take the time to find problems that may not be what you want fixed "right now".

Usually the service fee cost is far less than the time and gas expense to take your RV or Boat in for repair, not to mention waiting weeks just to have a repair done...sometimes months.

I do admit that dealerships may be your best bet if you have a new RV or Boat is under warranty from that dealer. I will be doing warranty work in the future and will update here when that happens.

Who wants to be stuck in an RV Park or Marina with no air conditioning, heating, or electrical problems, sometimes these issues can make it impossible to take your RV on the road or your vessel on the water. I'll get you back to your fun in comfort as soon as possible.

Is your RV or Boat at your home and you need winterizing? Or repairs to be done before the traveling/boating season? Unexpected problems come up you thought you could handle yourself but might need a helping hand? Some jobs are difficult to do by yourself...or you get started and it's just more than you expected, I can give you a helping hand. I will work on my own or right next to you if you prefer..

Have your repairs done while you are home and don't take the chance of unexpected problems once you are traveling. Anything can break down at any time, that's the nature of mechanics; but proper maintenance and preventive care can help minimize this problem.

Recently purchased a used RV or Boat? You may want someone to go through all your systems because you are essentially buying the unknown. I'll inspect each system and guide you to the best ways to maintain and get everything working properly. Unseen problems can lead to larger problems so a good inspection can save you time and money. Safety is a huge concern with used vehicles and boats. Keep yours running safely with regular maintenance and inspection.

Whether your repairs are small or large give me a call, If I cannot fix the problem I'll help you find someone who can. I can help you with advice on small maintenance issues you can do yourself to keep your RV or Boat running smoothly.

Many people like to work on their own RV / Boat... but not everyone is mechanically inclined...or has the time to do the repairs themself. That's where Owens RV & Marine Mobile Repair becomes a friend to you, there when you need us, doing the job right, taking the time to make sure your needs are met, no rushing or substandard work. I am fully certified in Marine and RV repair for your peace of mind!

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your repair needs!

~ Randy Owens